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Our land shall be built by laws, but desolated without them.

– Njáls saga

Proper working practices lead to good results

The law firm Norðdahl & Valdimarsson strives to ensure that our customers always receive the best possible services available, provided by professionals in the field of law required. Our clients, therefore, may rely on receiving the attention that they deserve.


Civil procedure

Norðdahl & Valdimarsson provides tailored and professional services to individuals, companies and public bodies in all the main fields of civil procedure

Criminal proceedings

Norðdahl & Valdimarsson undertakes defence services during investigative and court stages. In addition, the firm places importance on claiming damages for unlawful investigative actions and/or in the wake of acquittals.

Legal consultancy

Initiating proceedings is a major and momentous decision. It is important that issues are explored in detail and the appropriate advice given. It is important that issues are explored in detail and the appropriate advice given. In addition, the negotiating position of the party concerned is vastly improved if his/her legal status is properly understood.

Free meeting

The first meeting at Norðdahl & Valdimarsson is free of charge and without commitment. In certain cases, the law firm undertakes cases where no fee is collected unless the requisite success is achieved. In such cases, the amount of the performance-linked fee is negotiable on a case-by-case basis. In other respects, the fee is based on hours worked. Further information on hourly rates and terms may be obtained from the firm.


Do you need a legal opinion?

If you have any questions of a legal nature, we encourage you to contact us, either by means of the form below or by sending us an e-mail or calling us. The first meeting is free of charge.


Magnús D. Norðdahl

Magnús D. Norðdahl

Magnús passed his final examinations in the Faculty of Law from Reykjavík University in 2014. That same year, Magnús passed his bar exam and established his own law firm, which he has successfully operated for the past few years. As regards previous employment, Magnús has worked for BSRB – the Federation of State and Municipal Employees, Logos law firm and Vátryggingafélag Íslands (VÍS). In addition, Magnús has a BA in philosophy from the University of Iceland.

You can contact Magnús by calling 868-2989 or by sending an e-mail to

Ómar R. Valdimarsson

Ómar R. Valdimarsson

Ómar completed a BSc degree in both Print Journalism and Broadcast Journalism from Suffolk University / Emerson College in Boston in the US in 2002. During his studies, he also worked for the DV newspaper and then later for Fréttablaðið. After completing his studies, he established the PR company Íslensk almannatengsl ehf., providing public relations consultancy services to both Icelandic and international companies. In 2005, Ómar completed an MA in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics, while working. Following the economic collapse, he enrolled in Reykjavík University and completed, in 2013, both a BA and ML degree in law. Ómar passed his bar exams and was licensed to practice before the District Courts in 2015. Ómar was the only reporter for the Bloomberg News service in Iceland from 2009 to 2017.

You can contact Ómar by calling 861-3100 or by sending an e-mail to

Guðmundur Narfi Magnússon

Guðmundur Narfi Magnússon

Guðmundur Narfi completed his MA in law at Reykjavík University in 2019 and passed his bar exam and became licensed to practice before the District Courts later that same year. He completed his practical training working for the Competition Authority, where he was given the opportunity to familiarise himself with the procedures and case processing methods of the Authority. Guðmundur began working for Norðdahl & Valdimarsson in 2018. Before joining Norðdahl & Valdimarsson, Guðmundur worked in the law firm ESJA Legal ehf. while undertaking his studies.

You can contact Guðmundur by calling 659-9006 or by sending an e-mail to

Helgi Þorsteinsson

Helgi Þorsteinsson

Helgi completed his final examinations in the Faculty of Law from the University of Iceland in 2015 and passed his bar exam in 2019. While at university, Helgi was active in social activities and was a member, for example, of the editing team of Úlfljótur (paper published by law students) three times, an assistant to a doctoral student, managing director of the employment committee, participated in moot court competitions and was Orator Oratorum. In addition, Helgi was an assistant lecturer in general law, administrative law and property law at the University of Iceland as well as undertook to teach courses for Nobel study camps and Orator in the field of criminal law, administrative law and procedural measures. Helgi has undertaken legal work for the District Court of Reykjavík, the Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LÍN), the Law Institute of the University of Iceland, the Directorate of Fisheries (Fiskistofa), the Hvolsvöllur District Commissioner and the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iceland, to mention a few.

You can contact Helgi by calling 868-2991 or by sending an e-mail to

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